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2020-11-12 • EPISODE 10

Mastering growth and taking Duolingo to 200M users: Gina Gotthilf, co-founder of Latitud



Gina Gotthilf was the VP of Growth at Duolingo, the most downloaded education app in the world, leading the team that built its user base from 3 to 200 million. She also led Tumblr's growth in Latin America and participated in the Mike Bloomberg presidential campaign to help oversee digital ad campaigns at a historical daily spend. 

In 2020, she joined Brian and Yuri as a co-founder of Latitud, to help engineer serendipity for the top doers and thinkers in the Latam startup ecosystem. 

In this episode, Gina talks a bit more about what we’ve been up to, but mostly about her own journey, challenges and learnings. Stick around to find out: 

  • What hyper-growing startups running seamlessly from the outside are really like in the backstage. 
  • Some of the growth tactics early-stage founders can benefit from. 
  • Her biggest F-ups. 
  • And her takeaway from pitching Duolingo to President Obama in the White House.  


Gabriela Levy

Latitud Content Manager

Responsible for all of the content at latitud, Gabriela has worked in diverse areas of communication at Endeavor, and produced content for great scale-ups within the ecosystem.

Outside of work, Gabriela is passionate about traveling and a lover of great stories.

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