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2021-11-23 • EPISODE 69

#69 - Altitud | Alex Vilhena from Plug Pagamentos and the future of payment solutions



Alex Vilhena was born in Rio de Janeiro, but moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Communications and had a chance to try out the startup scene in the US. Big lover of jiu-jitsu, he has over 10 years of client-facing roles under his purple belt, and helped build Santander's Loyalty Program before moving on to his own projects in the financial industry.

Now CEO of Plug Pagamentos, he gets to brag about being a YC portfolio company while he and his co-founders are simplifying payment services by providing a one-stop solution to manage multiple providers through a single API integration.

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Hellen Villena

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In her free time, you will find her reading a comic book or planning the next trip.

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