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2021-09-02 • EPISODE 56

#56 - Developing the future leaders of LatAm: Diego Ontaneda & David Baptista, LALA



What does it take for Latin America to have the next Nelson Mandela, Greta Thunberg, or a few thousand more David Vélez?

LALA, the Latin American Leadership Academy, believes it's about unleashing the potential in young people and bringing them together. Seeking to promote sustainable economic development and strengthen democratic governance, LALA is finding, developing and connecting a new generation of entrepreneurial, principled, impact-focused leaders for the region.

Diego Ontaneda has seen it work. Originally from Peru, in 2013 he joined the African Leadership Academy, and became determined to adapt the model to LatAm. After completing an MBA from Stanford, he was introduced to educator David Baptista and found in him the ideal founding partner to build LALA. With over 15 years of experience, David chose this path inspired by his own family's story of breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

In this episode, Diego and David share:

  • How the Theory of Change and Systems Thinking are applied at LALA
  • How Unit economics work for non-profits
  • How to measure your Social Return on Investment
  • And how to become an ally

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